Cisco ASA-CX Firewall

ITConsult introduces next generation firewall: Cisco’s ASA-CX

Cisco ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services include security software ITConsult customers can add to the Cisco ASA family of stateful inspection firewalls. These services allow customers to gain end-to-end network intelligence, streamline security operations, and quickly adopt new applications or connect unknown devices without compromising security.

Including Application Visibility and Control, Intrusion Prevention, and Web Security Essentials, the ASA series has taken a huge step forwards.

Next Generation Firewalls from ITConsult & Cisco

End-to-End Network Intelligence: The ASA Next-Generation Firewall delivers application and user ID awareness capabilities for enhanced visibility and control of network traffic.

Granular Application Control: AVC recognises more than 1200 applications and more than 150,000 micro-applications. As a result, you can enforce individual- and group-based access to specific components of an application while disabling others.

Proactive, Intelligent Threat Protection: ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services gather threat intelligence feeds from nearly two million Cisco security devices worldwide, giving you near-real-time protection from zero-day threats.

Take total control of mobile devices: With ASA Next-Generation Firewall Services, you can now confidently allow employees to use their personal mobile devices while maintaining high levels of network protection and control.