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We Take Data Protection Seriously

At ITConsult our people are experts in data protection, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions. We offer a full suite of data protection product solutions and services to suit almost any business’s needs. From easily forecastable, OPEX based hosted DR services and industry leading SAN replication for those who like to keep things ‘in-house’, to affordable appliance based turnkey DR appliances. All our options are supported by our experienced, highly trained technical teams for the added comfort of knowing industry experts are ready to help at a moment’s notice.

Without data business a business has nothing. Data takes many forms, from the common daily forms of customer data, financial and legal records and day-to-day email to archived data to achieve legal compliance. Various forms of data combine to enable any business to run. It’s this dependence of data of all types that makes data protection critical for those responsible for data management and its protection.

Data Protection Challenges in Today’s Big Data World

Organisations today are experiencing a data explosion. According to recent research from Enterprise Strategy Group, respondents to the firm’s survey say they are experiencing 11 percent to 30 percent annual growth rates of data, with another 28 percent dealing with annual growth rates of 30 percent or more. With the amount of data created and replicated increasing exponentially, enterprise IT departments are grappling with how to manage, store and protect vast quantities of data. To tackle these challenges, IT departments are looking for new data protection strategies and solutions to help cut backup windows and provide faster recovery and restore times. Additionally data protection and disaster recovery complexity increases as various data types require various levels of protection, the tiered model forces IT managers to make difficult, often confusing choices between cost, performance and reliability where trade-offs are unavoidable.

Integrated Services and Solutions That Work With You

ITConsult has established tailored, responsive and robust solutions to provide a series of end-user benefits. For example replication technologies can deliver space saving deduplication, automated tiered storage provisioning and best-in-class performance and efficiency for disaster recovery. Our unique and affordable Quorum onQ appliance combines advanced deduplication and simplified turnkey operation, rapid recovery time and good value for both physical and virtual data protection. Another style of approach to data protection is utilising a service to protect data on your organisations behalf. This approach enables companies to easily forecast the cost when using Disaster Recovery as a Service or Backup as a Service from ITConsult. At the same time avoiding CAPEX expenditure and granting the added bonus of having data protection specialists working on your behalf.

OPEX Services

Minimise CAPEX with Disaster Recovery and Backup As A Service with ITConsult.

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CAPEX Solutions

High performance, secure and in-house SAN replication and DR appliances.

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Fluid Protection

Investment protection through flexible, scalable solutions and on-demand services.

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All supported by our friendly data protection experts, ready when you need them most.

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Creating Value Through Data Protection

Our consultants work to a ‘lean IT’ model working to offer our clients value, low ongoing costs for optimal TCO and no unnecessary extra’s. Our understanding of data protection and disaster recovery works to improve customers’ IT and business efficiency. We do this through various means personalised to fit with your organisations goals, capabilities and resources.  This focus on providing high-value, cost-effective solutions with industry-leading features and functionality results in a significant return on investment.  All our data protection solutions are designed to be scalable and flexible in order to grow, shift and move with you wherever your organisation decides to go. We further protect the investments you’ve already made in your infrastructure by designing our data protection solutions and services to integrate easily into your existing environment.

Business is Fluid, Create Dynamic Data Protection for Tomorrows Environment

We focus on not only meeting your current data protection needs but also helping you transition cost-effectively as new challenges and opportunities arise.  Business is fluid and we realise that your data protection needs today may not necessarily align with the needs of tomorrow, next month or next year. It’s this dynamic nature that businesses operate in and ITConsult excels in addressing through flexible and scalable solutions that can go where you need.

Finally, we’re committed to helping our customers through the journey with data protection experts, Australian based help-desk support and a firm commitment to clients through our personal, agile and efficient approach to your IT as we take the time to understand your business needs and design our service and solutions to fit.

No matter the size, style or vertical your organisation operates in, ITConsult can offer the best knowledge, experience, services and solutions to meet your data protection needs. Whatever they may be.

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The I.T. Consultancy Group (ITConsult) provides agile, efficient information technology consultancy services and sources best in class product solutions for Australian organisations. ITConsult are an experienced team dedicated to designing solutions that deliver on business critical requirements and budgets. ITConsult strives to ‘humanise’ complex technologies and bring a personalised approach to IT, building long-term partnerships founded on trust, ownership and transparency. Contact us today to find out how we can build a partnership with you.