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We established ITConsult to service Australian organisations with high quality, personalised and efficient IT solutions. If your business is in the retail, health, insurance, financial, or professional services industry, then ITConsult can show you how to make complex IT solutions simple and effective to run. Through ITConsult we can, and have, delivered a range of solutions and services across multiple infrastructure projects

Some of our clients were looking into various infrastructure projects covering infrastructure renewal, IT disaster recovery and business continuity, IT consulting services and on-going IT support services; these clients desired a more agile, personalised and efficient solutions partner that understood IT from their perspective, if that sounds like your organisation, take a look at our IT services and IT infrastructure projects listed here and contact us to discuss how ITConsult can deliver a better result for your next infrastructure project. In addition we are constantly adding news around new clients, infrastructure project advancements and technology announcements, to find the details and stay up to date look into our news.

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The I.T. Consultancy Group (ITConsult) provides agile, efficient information technology consultancy services and sources best in class product solutions for Australian organisations. ITConsult are an experienced team dedicated to designing solutions that deliver on business critical requirements and budgets. ITConsult strives to ‘humanise’ complex technologies and bring a personalised approach to IT, building long-term partnerships founded on trust, ownership and transparency. Contact us today to find out how we can build a partnership with you.