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We enable you to deliver scalable, on-demand services in an agile and cost effective manner

To continue to deliver scalable and elastic services to your business, you will need to truly embrace both private and public cloud solutions. But how do you stay ahead of the curve and design and build systems that will withstand tomorrow’s demand? With our close relationship with Microsoft, and a joint approach to implementation and a proven support framework, we can help you navigate, plan, deliver and support this brand new world of computing.

Hybrid Cloud

Building and maintaining a hybrid cloud solution can be complex, time consuming and difficult to staff.

We can help you build a solution that stretches across your datacentre, our datacentre and the public cloud. Our end-to-end solutions take the headache away by providing you with the combination of people and know-how to design, build and operate your hybrid cloud platform. This provides scalability and flexibility to rapidly provision new services, while maintaining control by hosting your data in the location most appropriate to your business needs. Through our partnerships with Cisco, Netapp and Microsoft we provide full turnkey solutions all the way from the hardware to the software layer.



Application Management

Does your monitoring solution deliver you real time end user experience and highlight the root cause of any issue? Do you have a standardised approach to ensure your applications are highly available and your data is protected?

ITConsult delivers a single service that takes the management headache out of running your core applications. Either on premise or through our hosted platform we can provide end-to-end monitoring, backup, anti-virus, replication and patching of your service. Our service includes break/fix support so you can focus on managing your applications and not the infrastructure supporting your apps.

Business continuity

Are you certain that your critical business functions can continue to operate in the event of a disaster or a serious event? Do you have the time to continuously manage and test these solutions?

ITConsult can help you make sense of all the different tools available to build a set of processes, activities and solutions that work together in case of any significant event to ensure your business continues to operate at optimum.


IT Service Managment

Does your ITSM solution help your organisation be more effective or is it a burdensome administrative tool? Do you want to automate key routine tasks such as starters and leavers?

The very backbone of an IT organisation is how it orchestrates activities and processes between teams. ITConsult can host or build a highly automated ITSM solution that helps your team focus on delivering value to your customers, rather than filling in forms.

VMware Migration

Microsoft has made significant investment to make Hyper-V an enterprise grade solution that seamlessly integrates with existing Microsoft tools. This provides the opportunity to remove significant hypervisor costs by moving in part or wholly to Hyper-V.

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The I.T. Consultancy Group (ITConsult) provides agile, efficient information technology consultancy services and sources best in class product solutions for Australian organisations. ITConsult are an experienced team dedicated to designing solutions that deliver on business critical requirements and budgets. ITConsult strives to ‘humanise’ complex technologies and bring a personalised approach to IT, building long-term partnerships founded on trust, ownership and transparency. Contact us today to find out how we can build a partnership with you.