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NetApp has been at the forefront of solving your customers’ complex business problems with innovative technology breakthroughs for over 20 years. As today’s IT workloads make the transition to increasingly virtualised and service-oriented applications, this shift is motivated by a requirement to manage an environment of growth and change. Given that your business environment is in a constant state of change, you need a new approach to IT that addresses today’s business requirements.

Luckily NetApp built its core on agility and true unified storage. At the foundation, unified storage means that a storage system can support multiple storage access protocols simultaneously – NAS protocols for applications that store and access storage in files and SAN protocols for applications that store and access data by using block semantics. That means choice and the flexibility to take your IT wherever your organisation needs it to go.


Throughout the constantly changing IT landscape organisation are now needing to address a modern challenge, that of ‘big data’. Enterprises are entering a new era of scale, where the amount of data processed and stored is breaking down every architectural construct in the storage industry. ITConsult together with NetApp Storage delivers solutions that address big data scale through analytics, bandwidth and content – enabling customers to gain insight into massive datasets, control data and its growth, move that data quickly, and store important content for long periods of time without increasing operational complexity.

“ITConsult, through NetApp Storage shrunk backup windows and reclaimed control of ballooning data. The team were genuinely knowledgeable and enthusiastic people.”

Building on the agility and efficiency of NetApp Storage is its inherent data protection capabilities. With technology that includes NetApp core Snapshot and disk-to-disk replication ITConsult and NetApp can help you modernise backup and recovery, adapt to data growth and virtualisation, and streamline management of terabytes to petabytes of data. Our end users gain a single, high-efficiency platform with the ability to protect more data with performance-neutral copy operation, the ability to recover data faster and more effectively and a deeper application affinity when compared to competing technologies. If your data is worth keeping it’s worth protecting right?

But technology is only as good as its implementation, that’s where the people at ITConsult come in. Our consultants are fully trained in NetApp storage as we travel across Australia and Asia to attend the latest training events. Combine the training with extensive practical experience revolving around the design, implementation and support of NetApp storage environments for some of Australia’s best companies. We’ve implemented NetApp for companies like Petbarn, Clark Equipment, WestFund, Teachers Health Fund, Chandler Macleod Group and a host of others.

Start Right

Start right with unified storage for SAN and NAS. Accelerate application performance and optimise storage costs with NetApp Flash Accel Server Cache and Flash Pool Intelligent Caching.

See how you can start right with your next generation of storage →

Keep It Simple

Free up your time, money, and people.You don’t need to be a storage expert to deploy and manage NetApp storage systems. NetApp offers a powerful range of technologies to help increase the efficiency of your storage administrators.

Watch TechWise TV and see how we can keep it simple

Grow Smart

Grow smart while protecting your storage investment, with cluster-ready upgrades using the same NetApp operating system and software tools.

Watch how ‘Be The Match’is growing smart with NetApp

Why NetApp and ITConsult?

  • NetApp storage boasts true unified storage
  • The lowest storage TCO
  • Scale up and out with NetApp Storage
  • Best-in-class data protection
  • Industry leading space saving technologies
  • We travel Asia for the most current training
  • NetApp storage technology experts
  • Proven NetApp storage track record
If you’re thinking about storage, call us today to arrange a consultation with one of our storage specialist and make storage work for you.
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