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Quorum onQ was engineered from the ground up to provide enterprise level business continuity without the complexity or cost of traditional solutions. onQ One-Click Recovery puts all of your applications and data back online within minutes of a storage, system or an entire site failure. Deploy onQ to meet your needs—locally for High Availability (HA), remotely for Disaster Recovery or both. onQ appliances are offered in a range of sizes to match your requirements and also as a service through Managed Service Provider partners.

onQ’s flexible deployment options let you tailor a solution to your needs. Whether you have 2, 20 or 50 servers to protect, at one or multiple sites; onQ can be configured to meet your needs.

Quorum onQ

onQ is typically deployed as a pair of plug-and-play appliances (one for your main office and one for your remote branch or co-location facility)our disaster recovery site. Simply plug the onQ local appliance into your production network, install our lightweight service on the servers you wish to protect and in minutes onQ will start protecting your critical business systems without interruption or even requiring a reboot.

The fast, uninterrupted deployment and effective protection makes onQ the perfect solution for those organisations that need to fulfill tough audit and compliance requirements.

Comprehensive, affordable and available for rapid installation. Contact ITConsult to discuss your data protection with Quorum onQ today.

onQ keeps up-to-date copies of all your operating system, application and data files on both the local and remote appliances. However, unlike conventional backup products, it also keeps ready-to-run “Recovery Nodes” standing by. If any (or all) of your protected servers fail, the Recovery Node can be started with a single click and have your business running again in minutes.

The entire process is totally automatic and doesn’t require any additional hardware or software. Quorum onQ’s incremental updates are extremely efficient, sending only the parts of any files that have changed, storing them in our repository for point-in-time file recovery and merging those changes into the Recovery Nodes. They are so efficient that you can keep months of snapshots that are as little as 15 minutes apart.

Quorum onQ Core Technologies:

Our Distributed Computing Resource Management platform is the engine inside Quorum onQ. It is a powerful automation platform for monitoring and managing both virtual and physical computing resources. Originally developed for military applications, DCRM was spun out of Themis for commercialization. DCRM provides Quorum with a powerful and extensible architecture that can go well beyond the current business continuity capabilities of onQ.
onQ only sends changes to the appliance that don’t already exist on any other server at the site. This is done with low resource loading right at the source.
It is common for large files to have only small changes made to them. Some systems copy the entire file every time even a single byte changes. For large databases such as Exchange or SQL, this can cause gigabytes of unchanged data to be copied. onQ only send the changed “chunks”, and it does this without resorting to disk-block-based algorithms, which have some significant disadvantages. For example, onQ supports powerful regular expression matching for file and folder excludes which many block-based systems cannot do. Why back up temporary and junk files?
onQ keeps ready-to-run virtual machine “Recovery Nodes” (RNs) by merging incremental changes after each update interval. No other product does this for native virtualisation (bare metal hypervisor) platforms.

Continuity & Comfort

  • One-Click Recovery™ system
  • One-Click Testing
  • Replicates anywhere — compressed & encrypted
  • Protection for storage, system & site failures
  • Integrated server monitoring
  • Email and text alerts
  • Scheduled email health reports

Protection & Recovery

  • Full local backup of entire system
  • Supports physical and virtual servers
  • Sub file-level incremental updates
  • Global deduplication at source
  • Powerful exclusion rules
  • Restore to any snapshot level
  • File-level recovery to any snapshot level
  • Windows Share Restore
  • Exchange Mail Restore

Flexible Deployment

  • Local, Remote or Both
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Internal and External storage
  • No GB or monthly storage charges
  • Supports all apps without add-ons
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