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Silver Peak WAN Optimisation and ITConsult

Top IT organisations around the globe choose Silver Peak WAN optimisation to overcome network performance challenges and lower ongoing WAN costs. Silver Peak WAN optimisation reduces the amount of traffic sent across the WAN and delivers information locally whenever possible. This improves the costs associated with application delivery – from staffing, infrastructure and facility costs to expenditures in application software and WAN bandwidth.

In addition, WAN optimisation protects investments in business critical applications by ensuring that they meet end user performance objectives, and it minimises risk of exposure by improving the performance and reliability of data backup, replication and recovery. As a result, WAN optimisation provides an extremely rapid return on investment, plus the intangible benefit of increased end user productivity and unsurpassed IT satisfaction.

Silver Peak Fundamentals

Silver Peak offers the industry’s only multi-gigabit virtual WAN optimisation solution and the only products that support every major hypervisor. All products are available for immediate download and free trial via our virtual marketplace.
With the broadest range of physical and virtual products, we deliver cost-effective solutions for the smallest branch offices, the largest data centers, and everything in between.
Silver Peak’s WAN optimisation solution works on all applications, regardless of transport protocol or version — all without risk of corrupting data or altering behavior. No plug-ins are required, which expedites deployment and saves both time and money.
Silver Peak VXOA WAN Optimisation Software
Accelerate Storage Replication and Shorten RPOs

Silver Peak NX appliances are standalone devices that support our full set of VXOA optimisation features. These appliances seamlessly fit into any enterprise network, sitting between network resources and the WAN infrastructure. They require absolutely no client, server, or application reconfiguration to deploy. NX appliances can be upgraded to their VX virtual equivalent at any time, free of charge*.  This ensures maximum flexibility and investment protection.

VX virtual software marries the cost and flexibility benefits of virtualisation with the performance gains associated with Silver Peak WAN optimisation technology. VX devices support our full suite of VXOA optimisation features for maximum functionality. They run on all major hypervisors (Citrix, KVM, Microsoft and VMware) and can integrate directly into virtual infrastructure managers for easy deployment and maximum cost savings.


  • Deployable anytime, anywhere from virtual marketplace
  • Set it and forget it. Works on all applications without special configuration or software.
  • Cost effective. High capacity virtual and physical devices = minimal investment cost.
  • Future proofed. Optimize any application, regardless of version or transport protocol.
  • Industry leading scalability. Multi Gbps throughput in a single virtual or physical device.


  • Lower telco and cloud costs. Avoid or delay costly WAN bandwidth upgrades by eliminating over 95% of WAN traffic. Lower cloud costs by over 50% by reducing data being transferred.
  • Move data quicker between data centers, branch offices, and remote locations.
  • Improve the performance of centrally hosted storage and applications.
  • Ensure the success of strategic IT projects that rely on the WAN, like data replication, data center consolidation, virtualisation, cloud, and big data.

*NX-x700 models only

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