ITConsult Exclusive Technology Stacks

Today ITConsult together with technology specialists NetApp and Cisco have combined to create a new series of pre-configured, pre-tested technology bundles to bring complete virtual infrastructure to organisations faster, easier and more affordable than ever before. Allowing you to:

Reduce cost with up to 43% off saving money and accelerate your ROI
Rest assured your infrastructure is unified, pre tested and validated for trouble free environments
Build, deploy, manage, and scale your infrastructure with confidence

A BYO hypervisor option is also available for those with existing virtual infrastructure. Use your existing Hyper-V, vSphere, XenServer and leverage your existing technology to save even more.

These technology bundles consist of a capacity based bundle and a performance geared bundle for 1GbE connections as well as a capacity based bundle and a performance geared bundle for those with 10GbE connections. Consisting of servers, storage and switches plus the professional services needed to install and setup the new infrastructure these bundles are sure to be a solid choice for those looking to roll out new infrastructure rapidly and safely this year and beyond. Contact ITConsult for more detailed information on each of the four technology bundles and find out how you can boost IT while saving money.